Sometimes Even I Can Get A Little Lucky

Sometimes you have a lucky streak.  Lately luckily it’s happened for me.

Violet Proto Drake – 3 years in WoW it took me to complete all the achievements for this one.  It has been well worth it and with Account Wide Mounts coming, this will mean Master riding for all my toons.




The Black Drake from Obsidian Sanctum.  I got a lucky roll on a 3D OS run that I five manned with my brother.  Beautiful mount that I have been wanting for a long time.





Finally, the Phosphorescent Stone Drake.  I have been leveling my rogue in Deepholm trying to finally get him to 85, and late night Saturday, he popped and no one else was around.  I was in shock.  Much easier fight than I was expecting, but really glad that I got this one.  He is my first rare mount.



I wish everyone luck going for these mounts, I’m stunned at the fact that I got them all in such a short time.  As always comments and criticisms are welcome.


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